Best Electric Toothbrush

Until recently, most articles agreed that manual brushing cleaned teeth as well as brushing with an electric toothbrush. However, some studies find that one type of electric brush may be more effective at cleaning than the manual method, the rotation-oscillation powered brush whose brush head alternately rotates in each direction. According to results compiled by the Manchester, England-based Cochrane Oral Health Group, which analyzed data from clinical trials conducted over 37 years, rotational oscillation toothbrushes removed up to 11% more plaque and reduced bleeding of the gums by up to 17% more than manual or other power toothbrushes. In choosing the best electric toothbrush for you, it is important to consider whether the brush reaches hard-to-clean areas (such as along the gum line and between teeth). Other factors include a non-slip handle, different speeds, and whether the toothbrush is rechargeable. Several manufacturers, such as Sonicare, provide a thirty second timer to alert you to shift areas. An electric toothbrush which shuts off automatically is also a plus.