Dog Toothbrush

Dogs not only need petting and affection, but adequate dental care, just like humans! So, don't neglect to make a ritual out of keeping your animal's teeth clean. While chew toys and dry dog food aid somewhat in cleaning teeth, they aren't able to fully get at the gum line where most dental problems begin. Try using a toothbrush and palatable toothpaste (one that is tasty and can be ingested) to keep your dog's teeth clean, without debris, and plaque free. Many pet stores sell toothpaste in bone or meat flavors to encourage the tooth brushing process. It only takes a few minutes a day to get your pet into this ritual. Since most dogs shy away from getting their teeth brushed, it is recommended that you try one tooth at a time (or a small area), and just a few teeth in one sitting. This way, your dog will learn to put up with a little annoyance rather than try to fight your attempt at the whole set of teeth at once.