Disposable Toothbrush

Although hopefully we all understand the importance of good dental hygiene, many of us, from time to time, haphazardly forget to bring a toothbrush when traveling or away from home. Due to this frequently annoying phenomenon, hotels, health care facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, daycare facilities, schools, and airlines have experienced a demand for single use disposable toothbrushes that may be inexpensively supplied to and discarded by individuals without a toothbrush and/or a water supply. Such toothbrushes can be found in vending machines, or distributed in large quantities for simple, portable use anywhere. Some models of disposable toothbrush provide toothpaste within the toothbrush itself, through an integrated channel, for distribution through the toothbrush and around its bristles. Yet another model of disposable toothbrush kit provides the user with a toothbrush sealed within the outer bag, a dispenser sealed within the outer bag, and containing a mouth care solution.