Disposable Toothbrushes

When on the go or travelling, a Disposable Toothbrush might be just the product for you. Typically, a Disposable Toothbrush is made out of a plastic material, with toothpaste already applied to the brush head. In some upgraded Disposable Toothbrush models, the toothpaste is released from the bristles themselves as you squeeze the handle of the toothbrush. However, if you're not looking to get too fancy with this one-time use toothbrush, most of them come with the toothpaste on the brush head itself. Just add water!

Colgate has upped the competition in the Disposable Toothbrush market by creating a Disposable Toothbrush that you can use at your desk at work, in your car, or after eating at a restaurant. This toothbrush is called the Colgate Wisp, and is about the size of an index finger. The toothbrush contains a flavor bead to freshen breath, and specially formulated bristles to get to those hard to reach places just like a regular toothbrush. No water is necessary when using this toothbrush, making it extremely useful and convenient. A pack of four of the Colgate Wisp's run about $2.99. If you are one of those people that like to brush your teeth throughout the day but hate the hassle of carrying a toothbrush and toothpaste around, this is the perfect solution!

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A product called the Fuzzy Brush is now on the market. Great for people of all ages, this is a breath freshener and toothbrush in one. All you do is put the miniature-sized toothbrush into your mouth and begin to chew. The product will leave your breath smelling fresh and your teeth looking white and bright. You can learn more about this product by visiting their website here: fuzzybrush.com

Fresh & Go is also another type of Disposable Toothbrush taking the industry by storm. It has thirty uses of toothpastes that are stored in the handle of the toothbrush itself. The toothpaste is available in three flavors, and leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh. This toothbrush is perfect for travel in any situation. For more information visit their website: freshangousa.com